Coronary Artery Disease

Experience personalized care and innovative options tailored to treating Coronary Artery Disease.

Coronary Artery Disease

Discover empowerment and vitality through our comprehensive coronary artery disease management solutions.

Empower yourself on the path to heart wellness with our specialized team focused on coronary artery disease management. We offer personalized strategies designed to address the complexities of your condition, fostering heart health and enhancing your quality of life. With our unwavering dedication and innovative approaches, we stand as your partners in conquering coronary artery disease and reclaiming your vitality.

Symptoms To Look Out For

Explore clear and tailored solutions for managing coronary artery
disease at Integrative Cardiology.

Chest Pain

Feeling tightness, pressure, or pain in the chest, is often associated with physical activity or stress.


Experiencing persistent tiredness, even after rest, potentially indicating underlying health concerns.

Leg Swelling

Noticing accumulation of fluid in body tissues, particularly in the legs and ankles.

An Exploration of Coronary Artery Disease Management

Secure better health with our Coronary Artery
disease management today!
Initial Evaluation

Thorough assessment of cardiovascular health and personalized

patient consultation.

Diagnostic Testing

Comprehensive evaluation using advanced tests to identify vein and vascular conditions accurately.

Treatment Planning

Customized care plans tailored to your individual vascular health needs and treatment goals.

Follow-up Care

Ongoing monitoring and adjustments to your personalized treatment plan for optimal outcomes.

Education and Support

We do our best to empower you with knowledge and guidance for proactive vein and vascular health.

Other Specialists

Access to a network of specialized healthcare professionals for collaborative care.

Secure better health with our Coronary Artery disease management today!

What Our Patients Are Saying

Glimpse into success stories of improved heart health with our
comprehensive disease management.

Elizabeth French
Elizabeth French
I am a new patient of Dr. Asha I am a new patient of Dr. Aga and I must say I couldn’t be more pleased. He answered all my questions and was able to help me get the help that I needed during a very difficult time. I would recommend him to anyone especially my family. In my opinion he does anything and everything he can do to get you the help that you need.
Donald White
Donald White
Fairly new patient to Doc AGHA and his staff, I've been to ALOT of cardiologists over the years all good Drs. But Dr AGHA, so far has been the most thorough ,he took the time during a recent Cath to pay attention to other areas of previous procedures I've had done,I've not had a Dr do that before,and I've had 8 caths? He's Lazer focused on what he's doing. The Cath lab at Park ridge Chattanooga gets an A+ as well best bedside manors I've encountered in many years. Thanks Doc.
Cathy Walker
Cathy Walker
Dr Agha seems very competent, however the staff does not. He ordered 3 tests on my husband. We showed for the stress test and they didn’t have one scheduled for us. So we said ok we would reschedule. Then we showed for the heart monitor and the kidney ultrasound. They put the heart monitor on and said he couldn’t do the ultrasound because he had caffeine. Even though I had called to confirm instructions the day before test. Unfortunately I didn’t get her name when I called. So that one was rescheduled. They put the heart monitor on and we left. They called 2 hours later to say it wasn’t approved by insurance and to bring it back or pay 1400 dollars out of pocket. So we literally traveled to Cleveland (No we don’t live in Cleveland) 3 times with zero tests completed. I sure hope Dr Agha sees this and makes the necessary adjustments. Because my husband who was reluctant to go in the first place. Now doesn’t mean any to see another Dr for care. Choose your Dr wisely! Sincerely Cathy Dr Agha contacted us to address our issues that we had. He seemed very sincere and asked what he could do to make it right. I appreciate the offer to make things right.
Debbie Jacques
Debbie Jacques
Awesome doctor. Doctor Agha does not rush you in and out like cattle. He is usually early or on time so I don’t have to wait long. His staff is extremely caring and friendly.
Marie Morris
Marie Morris
I have been treated with professionalism, caring and courtesy by Dr. Agha and his staff at the Cleveland, Tennessee office. I recently had leg vein ablation and will be getting further tests to find out what's going on with my health.
Nancy Vaughn
Nancy Vaughn
Stents..he has moved n I hav no idea how or where to get hold of
A LaCount Frank
A LaCount Frank
Such a great cardiologist. Listened to me, took his time and explained everything. Made sore to check everything and identify the problem. I know he is looking out for me and I am grateful.
Brian Rains
Brian Rains
Dr. Agha has been a lifesaver! I had no idea how serious my heart condition was but because of the tests he ordered, a 95% blockage was found and prevented a heart attack! I cannot thank him enough for his expert knowledge, attention to detail, and rare bedside manner, he actually takes the time to explain and listen. I highly recommend Dr. Agha and his wonderful staff, they are incredible!!!
Carol Silvestri
Carol Silvestri
Dr. Agha seems like an amazing doctor and I was looking forward to a great relationship with him as my new cardiologist. BUT I cannot say the same for his office staff. I was solicited out of the blue by someone from the office asking me to switch from my cardiologist to Dr. Agha. I agreed to do so and was very pleased with my first appointment, Dr. Agha’s bedside manner and promise to get to the bottom of my a-fib questions/issues. He was very caring, articulate and knowledgeable and made me feel hopeful. At my follow up appointment however he was not present and I saw a different physician or PA who was very pleasant but she didn’t address many of the concerns I had spoken to Dr. Agha about. I was told a heart monitor would be ordered for me to wear and I would be called when it came in. A couple of weeks went by when I received a call in the later afternoon that the monitor was in and I could pick it up the following morning. On the way to pick up the monitor (at 9am the next morning), I received a very stern and unfriendly call from a member of the staff informing me that it had already been given to another patient who was also waiting for a monitor and I would have to go back on the waiting list until another one became available. I was in shock since no one told me that 9am would be too late to pick it up and the previous conversation was very casual and friendly. I’m 81 years old and have to depend on family to drive me around and was actively on my way to the office. If someone had said I absolutely needed to be there at 8am I would have been there. Whoever I spoke to was incredibly rude and unreasonable and the conversation was very unprofessional and upsetting for me. I was crying and the staff member never apologized or tried to remedy the situation. No compassion whatsoever. There was no effort on her part to ensure any timeline that I would get another monitor and I have never received any follow up or further communication from the office whatsoever. So I was solicited to switch to Dr. Agha’s practice and then completely left hanging and now that months have passed I have come to the conclusion that the staff member has removed me as a patient from their system. So now I will start searching for a new cardiologist and will not recommend Dr. Agha, though he may very well deserve recognition but his staff does not understand basic professionalism - or the common decency needed when dealing with elderly patients in the medical industry.

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